The decision to build a "Green" home is a global trend on the rise as more individuals are conscientously aware of the devastational effects of certain materials on our enviornment as well as the need to preserve our energy resources in a manner which is financially beneficial. 

Capehart & Washburn, LLC has made the commitment to implement green building methods and materials within their projects whenever possible.

We focus on building energy efficient homes that are very well insulated, and use high-efficient heating and cooling systems as well as materials, equipment and appliances that are energy star rated. We make every effort to use local, renewable, and recycled building materials. We can promote good indoor air quality and provide a healthy living environment by utilizing proper materials. We make every effort to recycle waste materials and donate any acceptable items to recycled goods stores in hopes that our leftovers will be up-cycled in another home.

Being green is not only healthy for the homeowner, but it is good for the environment, local business, and lowering utility bills. We will be glad to discuss green options with you for your upcoming project as well as provide you with the online resources to educate yourself and loved ones on the importance of "Building Green."

Matt Long is a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Accredited Professional; Phil Washburn & Jeremy Bertrand are both NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) Certified Green Professionals.